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Our Story

The Pires family has been developing in the local community since the early 90’s. Jack Pires, one of the founders of VCM, was working on these transit areas well before the new generation came in. In the past, people in these transit areas were less complicated. After-all, this was before Hoboken and Jersey City flooded with young professionals seeking a home near their Manhattan jobs. Newark, Summit and Jersey City used to be full of families and blue collar workers. But now this area has changed and the Pires family has had to adapt, learn and grow alongside it. The next generation demands the creation of new generation housing. Now Daniel, Jack’s son, has joined the team and with help of his father is rebuilding and revitalizing the community. They’re developing today to build a better, more prosperous community tomorrow.

Our Mission

Paragon is dedicated to revitalizing transit oriented and urban communities by providing the highest level of planning, design, building, and financial expertise of and experienced development group. 

Our Vision

To obtain a global presence in the Real Estate market.

Core Values

Professional– Someone who goes above and beyond. 

Ambitious– Strong desire and determination to succeed. 

Responsible– High level of trust and accountability.

Adaptable– Flexible and levelheaded when challenged. 

Genuine– Straightforward and honest with everyone.

Optimistic– Maintain a positive and confident energy.

Neighborly– Family and community oriented.