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Vision to Creation Paragon Builders is here to assist you.

Paragon Builders excellent construction management services during project planning and pre-construction transitions into fewer surprises and reduced risk during construction. In house project control enable us to manage change with speed and flexibility, ensuring that project needs are met in a timely manner. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise keep projects running smoothly through all phases from start to finish.

Pre Construction Services

Site Evaluation 

  • Analyze the property line documentation. Cross check with the physical location the property line
  • Analyze Soil Reports 
  • Verify water, sewage, electrical and telephone easements
  • Identify flooding or storm drain concerns
  • Verify zoning and environmental restrictions
  • Identify out of property infrastructure costs.

Cost Control and Estimating

  • Prepare value analysis reports for costs of building systems and materials
  • Perform construction reviews and recommend cost effective alternatives
  • Prepare budget
  • Determine bonding requirements
  • Analyze life cycle costs
  • Prepare cost checks

Design Development

  • Coordinate with Architect & Engineer/Client Team and Monitor Documents for Compliance
  • Recommend alternate cost saving construction methods and materials 
  • Provide very detailed and accurate shop installation drawings that coincide with coordinated shop models.
  • Provide a visualization tool for field staff to help understand the design and installation of systems. 

Time Management & Scheduling

  • Prepare initial milestone schedule
  • Determine permitting, agency review & approval requirements
  • Prepare phasing/sequencing schedule
  • Prepare master project schedule
  • Identify owner furnished and long lead items 

Construction Document Phase

  • Organize field staff
  • Design management reporting system, document control and submittal Schedule
  • Continue document review and coordination
  • Prepare quality control plan in coordination with architect and owner

Bidding and Procurement 

  • Prepare instructions to bidders; bid Forms
  • Conduct walk through and on-site visits
  • Mobilize field staff
  • Implement submittal procedures
  • Hold pre-bid conferences
  • Solicit bids
  • Award subcontracts
  • Pre-construction conference
  • Assist in obtaining permits

Construction Services

  • Perform on-site project management
  • Ensure on-site Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Administer construction contracts
  • Coordinate permits, technical inspections and testing
  • Chair construction meetings
  • Manage budget and schedule
  • Monitor safety
  • Perform change order management
  • Purchase furnishings and equipment
  • Certify contractor progress payments
  • Assist in close out of punch-list and final inspections
  • Review warranties and close-out documentation
  • Assure communication flow between project team members