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Paragon’s development philosophy is similar to that of building a house, a strong foundation is fundamental for success. Our team of experienced real estate professionals is committed to you from vision to conception ensuring all aspects of your real estate needs are understood. 


The perfect development partner is one that has the experience to accurately manage cost while keeping a pulse on sales and investment metrics. Paragons roots as a building company are paramount, followed by the acquisition of a dedicated team of sales professionals that routinely audit market conditions and sales strategies to both preserve and maximize investment returns. 


As an integrated company with in house experts we can find the right solution for any challenge during the development process. 

Development Phases

Phase One: Pre-Development

  • Market analysis and feasibility studies

  • Land acquisition 

  • Environmental studies

  • Surveys

  • Site plans, development plans, and building plans

  • Permitting

  • Construction financing

Phase Two: Construction

  • Physical construction

  • Project marketing

  • Drawing on construction financing

  • Pre-leasing

  • Arranging permanent financing 

  • Arranging for property manager as project nears completion

Phase Three: Building Operation

  • Continued marketing and leasing

  • Finding a buyer

  • Determining a hold strategy, if not selling

  • Property management

  • Building stabilization