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Our services

Paragon is a full service development company who specializes in understanding all aspects of your real estate needs. Our in-house team of professionals is dedicated to handling complicated transactions and overcome design and construction challenges.


Real estate development is a multi-step process that can be complicated, lengthy, and risky. There are a multitude of hurdles that can rise up along the way while taking a project from the initial planning stage through the construction and even final completion. Working with the right team is crucial for any development deal.


The design process is as crucial as any part of the development process, it is imperative to proactively design building layouts and amenities with the end-users experience and lifestyle in mind. Paragon is partnered with well-rounded licensed design professionals allowing for the smoothest conception to creation process.

Construction Management

Dedicated in-house construction team ensures oversight and completeness of all projects from plan design to C/O. Paragon leverages industry relationships and internal capabilities to ensure effective and knowledge-based onsite decision making processes and hold trades accountable on construction budgets and critical path dates.

Property Management

Paragon actively offers a full range of property management services dedicated to you as a landlord or investor. We make it our mission to handles the day-to-day activities surrounding the property including capital improvements, refinancing, lease renewals, and repositioning of commercial tenants to allow low vacancy rate and no hassle management for you.


Paragon is actively investing in transit oriented and urban communities throughout New Jersey. Through ground up construction and rehabilitating existing properties we are committed to achieving growth and change throughout these neighborhoods. Paragon believes in aligning interest with like-minded partnerships as well as its investment communities.


Real Estate investing and development projects typically require a large initial capital investment which can be difficult to obtain. Paragon leverages project history and industry relationships assisting in obtaining the necessary capital, whether it be conventional financing or external/internal equity contributions ensuring an alignment of interest.

Meet Our Team

Paragon Companies is a diverse network of highly skilled real estate professionals. As a full service development team we have gathered individuals who have a deep level of experience in all development disciplines across multiple sectors ensuring the highest level of accountability.

Daniel Pires

Development Operations

Thomas Pires

Office Operations Associate

Jonathan “Jake” Taylor

Real Estate Salesperson

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